Peru has a variety of exotic fruits, some are super foods boasting many vitamins and nutrients, others have been said to cure diseases and ailments, like cancer. While you may not have heard of many of them, you've got to try them when you're in Peru. The 3 distinct climates: costa (the coast), selva (the rain forest),

sierra (the mountains) and the weather make for affordable, mouth-watering fresh fruit. Many of the fruits below are said to help prevent cancer since they often contain vitamins and are high in antioxidants.

fruit peru

Aguaje - Known as the curvy fruit since it's supposed to help women get an hourglass figure, this fig-sized fruit grows on the Moriche Palm tree. 

Aguaymanto / Physalis - It's known by a variety of names such as Inca berry, Peruvian groundcherry, Pichuberry, and Peruvian cherry. It's similar to a tomatillo and is a small, round yellowish fruit. 

Capulin -Also known as capulin cherries, these fruits are said to help alleviate respiratory problems. They're similar to the common cherries, but usually have darker skin and are very sweet. They grow in subtropical climates, such as Peru. They're also known as black cherries.

Chirimoya - A common ice cream flavor in Peru, this fruit is sweet and and you smell it from far away. It's similar to a custard apple. You eat it like you would a passion fruit; peel off the skin. 

Cocona - Similar to the naranjilla, this fruit grows on a shrub with white hairy twigs. It smells a bit like a tomato, but tastes a bit lemony. There are small seeds inside, but you can eat them.

Granadilla - Also known as passion fruit, granadillas are similar to maracuyas, but a lot sweeter. It's orange on the outside and the inside has lots of black seeds covered in a light green pulp. You can eat the seeds. 

Guanabana - Also known as soursop, it's commonly used in ice cream, smoothies, and drinks. Some people have said that it can be used to cure cancer as the fruit attacks cancer cells. 

Guaba / Pacay / Guamo / Inga- Also knows as the ice cream bean, this cotton candy fruit is similar to mangosteens and guanabanas. 

lucuma - A favourite ice cream flavour in Peru, this fruit is known as the egg fruit. Green on the outside and bright orange on the inside with a big pit, this fruit tastes a bit like a sweet potato. 

Maracuya - Similar to granadilla, this fruit is also known as passion fruit. Maracuyas are much more sour than granadillas and I've never eaten them plain. 

Noni fruit - Green and bumpy on the outside and white with seeds on the inside, this fruit can be eaten cooked or raw. It's really good cooked with coconut milk. If you eat it raw, some people enjoy sprinkling salt on it. Others like to juice it. 

Tuna - Also known as prickly pear, tuna is similar to tumbo as they're both cactus fruits. Baloo from the jungle book eat some while singing, "The Bear Necessities". 


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