Grilled trout (Trucha a la plancha)

Grilled trout fillet accompanied with pesque (quinua and andean cheese purée) and cooked vegetables.

Trout in quinua y kiwicha (Trucha en costra de quinua y kiwicha)


Trout fillet in a crispy quinua and kiwicha (andean cereals) coated with passion fruit sauce, served with french fries and vegetables.

Trout in tarragon (Trucha al estragón)

Trout fillet coated with tarragon and yellow chilli sauce. Served with vegetables risotto and cooked potatoes.

Steamed trout (Trucha al vapor)

Steamed trout fillet with onions, tomatoes, dash of lemon and white wine. Served with cooked potatoes and vegetables.

Trout La Casona style (Trucha a La Casona)

Braided trout fillet grilled coated with aguaymanto (Peruvian wild tomato). Accompanied with vegetables with cream and browned potatoes.

Trout in garlic (Trucha al ajo)

Trout fillet coated with garlic sauce. Served with french fries and vegetables.


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