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Quinua soup (Sopa de quinua)

Typical soup with quinua and vegetables, flavored with milk and andean cheese.

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La Casona Omellete

Eggs, milk, bacon, sausage, onion rings, ham and andean cheese. Served with french fries.

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House salad (Ensalada fresca de casa)

Organic lettuce, sliced tomatoes and avocado. Dressed with house vinaigrette.

Quniua taboule with trout (Taboulé de quinua con trucha)

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Bolognesa and white sauce

Layers of lasagna pasta stuffed with meat and tomato sauce, white sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Trout and mushrooms

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Sliced tomatoes, red pepper and mozzarella cheese.


Ham and mozzarella cheese

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Quinua and kiwicha (andean cereals) sherbet

Kiwicha pudding

Chocolate cake

Passion fruit pie

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Espagueti o fetuccini a la bolognesa

Pasta a elección con tradicional salsa de carne.

Espagueti o fetuccini a la napolitana

Pasta a elección con salsa de tomate.

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Trout Cebiche (Cebiche de trucha) Thin pieces of trout marinated in lemon juice and chilli sauce. Served with onion, sweet potato and toasted corn this a typical peruvian dish and Appreciated by the Peruvians people.

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